Wood framing: Framing, AKA, rough carpentry, is the essential building skill for remodeling, alteration, repairs, addition and new framing projects.

Lumber is the most popular construction framing material because it is less expensive and more readily available, at most local hardware stores. Irving, Douglas fir, hemlock and pine are some species of framing materials frequently used in residential settings.

There are other framing material such as brick, concrete and steel that are also used for framing; however these framing material can sometimes be much more expensive than wood framing. If you specialized in residential services almost all the time you could use wood framing only, but in commercial construction, you may want to lean more towards a stronger material like concrete or steel.

 Building Codes

The Maryland building codes are design to make a framing project safer and less costly by having the job completed right the first time, incorrect framing or using wrong building materials can have a negative effect on the structural integrity of a building and can lead to a potential dangerous situation.

Codes requirements:

  • ceiling heights
  • the size of door openings
  • the width of hallways
  • construction of stairways
  • maximum percentage of a wall that can be glass

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