What is luxury vinyl tile (or LVT) flooring?

You’ve probably heard of vinyl tile, the popular peel-and-stick flooring. Luxury vinyl tile is similar in its construction — a wear layer, an image layer, a resilient core and backing — but it’s generally thicker, and offers greater levels of durability and design realism than vinyl tile. Many styles, including those offered at Armstrong Flooring, that can be found at local hardware store and is also a 100% waterproof, so when they are exposed to water, they won’t swell, buckle or lose integrity. Many of LVT flooring products on the market have a lifetime warranty, and we also offer products with 30-year and 15-year warranties. Luxury vinyl tile, which is also referred to as “LVT” flooring, is great if you have an active home with kids or pets, or just high-traffic areas you want to keep looking beautiful.